Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Valentine's Day


How are u everyone?hehe..
Wow!..I just read this cool contest made by Nuffnang..
Click HERE
I really want to win this contest..hehe

If I could be spent by the star..
I would pick.........
Oh gosh...i know he's Hot + Handsome +

Why I must pick him?herm...
Well..i pick him because i love to see his movie in "New Moon"..hehe..
And if i could spending the time with "him"on valentine days's..
I will bring him to eat Candle Light Dinner..
and i wish he will giving me a big I Wish For That)..

So..What u guys waiting for...
Click that site..and win the cool stuff!..

P/s : I hope i can win the contest..x)

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